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20 Funny Okay Google Questions & Guidelines

20 Funny Okay Google Questions & Commands

Okay Google is a hotword to bring to life Google Now virtual voice-enabled assistant available in Google mobile app, within Chrome browser, or Google search. Using it, you can lightly get needed information, set reminders, run applications or perform any other deeds like calling and texting. Plus, you may have a bit of joy by asking Google Now funny and weird questions. Like Siri, Google Now does a good sense of humor. Check it by asking the questions below.

Funny questions Google vs. Apple

1. Okay Google, what is better: iPhone or Android?

As you see Google is fairly loyal to Android OS. By the way, Siri thinks the opposite (see question 7).

Another reply to the same question:

It seems that Google is going to offend me.

Two. Okay Google, you know, Siri is better

Google shows me the movie stating that Google Now is way better than Siri.

Trio. Okay Google, why Siri doesn’t talk to me anymore?

Connect me to Siri…,

Google supposes Siri doesn’t like me anymore ??

Four. Okay Google, do you want to work at Apple?

Better pass up the chance?

Funny questions about life

Five. Okay Google, how to understand women?

6. Okay Google, where is my 2nd sock?

99% people wearing socks do have such a syndrome.

7. Okay Google, how much does it cost to go to Mars?

Unluckily, they sell only one-way tickets to Mars.

8. Okay Google, do vampires exist?

Nice movie, I tend to believe you.

Funny questions about people

9. Okay Google, please call Barck Obama

Ten. Okay Google, how many children does Brad Pitt have?

Google Now shows me all Jolie-Pitt kids with utter names and photos. Superb!

11. Okay Google, how old is Harry Potter?

Now I know when to congratulate Daniel Radcliffe.

12. Okay Google, is Lady Gaga crazy?

At least 7 times she truly was.

13. Okay Google, how old is Madonna?

Pictures are worth a thousand words…,

Funny How-to questions

14. Okay Google, how to lose weight?

That’s a nice to-do list, but don’t agree about eating fruits!

15. Okay Google, how to get married?

Google suggests a nice but weird way to get married.

16. Okay Google, how to become a billionaire?

To become a billionaire, you very first need to know everything about billionaires…,

17. Okay Google, how to get a job at Google?

There is one man who determines everything.

Eighteen. Okay Google, how to abandon smoking?

So many ways are available!

Nineteen. Okay Google, how to train my mom to use an iPhone?

Does Google think that the mission is unlikely?

A little bit of vanity…,

Okay Google, what is the best movie downloader?

Read the total comparison here.

Before you commence asking your smartphone witty questions about everything in the world, take some time to pass a funny quiz to learn how clever your gadget is. It’s rapid!


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