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I didn’t spend the night so you’ll have to determine whether its safe or not.

I didn't spend the night so you'll have to determine whether its safe or not.

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In a motel/hotel that is

Too many problems.

Once you get off of Revolution Avenue. you’ll see what I mean.

Also San Diego is just up I-5 and there’s everything up there.

It’s not a business destination (more a travel one) and the airlines price accordingly.

if I were going out there, I’d fly into LAX or Orange Co., rent a car and drive down.

Depending on traffic from LAX it’s Two 1/Two to Trio hours to the border.

They’ll be lined up outside the border control area.

It’s a bad idea to take a rental car into Mexico and even w/ collision insurance, you can still have headaches.

Also attempt NOT to bump into or touch them .Even by accident.

Attempt to avoid going to her “house.”

If I can help. just email me.

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Some of the dudes over there ( shoe shine guys -street hustlers etc) will hit you in the back of the head if they’re not making any money.

You’ll see some very beautiful women over there and most likely even have hook-up with a few. I didn’t spend the night so you’ll have to determine whether its safe or not. Generally Mexico does have budget motels but always check the room very first and make sure there is a decent lock on the door. And don’t drink their water , you’ll get sick. Take your own water over there and be careful what you eat. I wouldn’t go down on any of their chicks either the fact that they might have aids. I know its hard when they look like playboy centerfolds but you’ve got to reminisce thats there’s hundreds of other guys visiting the place and they’re there for hookup also. Stay off the street as much as possible the fact that the police look for inexperienced travelers over there. Don’t wonder around inebriated or drink on the street. If you get caught with a gun or drugs you go to prison over there. Yes , go love that beautiful vagina , buy a few souvaneers and get back over here. Good luck .

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Don’t draw attention to yourself and nothing will happen. Do not take alcohol on the streets. Peak well and you’ll get good service. Keep track of your money and things.

You don’t need to drive down there unless you are going further south.

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