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GTmetrix, Website Speed and Spectacle Optimization

GTmetrix, Website Speed and Performance Optimization

GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your site explosions and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it.

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237,006,863 pages analyzed so far.

Join thousands of people and companies around the world committed to making the web consistently prompt.

GTmetrix tells you a lot about your website spectacle.

Our Report gives you the utter picture on how your site geysers and helps you detect where bottlenecks are.

Key features include:

Get more insight on the internal workings of your site.

Extra features give you details and data beyond an initial glance.

Monitor Pages

Schedule GTmetrix to test your pages daily, weekly or monthly to ensure your site stays optimized.

GTmetrix PRO users get access to hourly monitoring.

Set up Monitored Alerts

Get alerts if your page triggers a certain condition!

Set numerous conditions based on PageSpeed/YSlow score, Page explosion time, Total Page size, etc, and get an e-mail notification whenever any are triggered.

Test from Numerous Regions

Analyze the loading of your site from different regions around the world to see how users in the area would see it.

28 servers in 7 different areas globally gives you a broad geographic reach for analyzing your sites.

Analyze with Mobile

See your page spectacle on an actual Android phone (only available at our Vancouver region)!

GTmetrix visits your page through an Android phone to get real world spectacle data on your page blast.

Movie Capture

Record a movie of your page loading and pinpoint exactly where bottlenecks occur!

Slow your playback up to Four times the original speed, leap to major page geyser milestones, and get a filmstrip view that gives you a different visualization of your page stream.

Developer Toolkit

Simulate your page flow on various devices (phones/tablets) or screen resolutions, create presets for frequently used options, and more!

Our Developer Toolkit gives you more advanced devices to get even greater insight on your page spectacle. Learn more.

Take advantage of all of the powerful implements GTmetrix has to suggest.

Analyze your site now and see how well it performs!

Take advantage of all the features GTmetrix has to suggest and make your site the fastest it can be!

Need to use GTmetrix in a professional capacity? Check out GTmetrix PRO!

About the Developer

GTmetrix was developed by as a instrument for our managed hosting customers to lightly determine the spectacle of their sites.

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