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OKCUPID – 100% Free Dating Site, Free Online Dating

OKCUPID - 100% Free Dating Site, Free Online Dating

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Again and again a fresh matchmaking site makes itself known on the internet. So, it’s indeed a challenge to determine which one you want to stay apart of, when there’s such a massive amount of them to choose from. is one of these matchmaking sites, which was made for the purpose of finding singles in your area (or not, if long distance doesn’t bother you.) Very first of all, the initial influence of the site wasn’t very spectacular. There wasn’t much that truly stood out on the front page that could be considered very attractive and worth while. I like to see visual messages on sites like this, that can instantly draw someone in, and keep them interested long enough to sign up and attempt it out. This dating websitelacks in this section, with only a dozen profile picture previews, the initial navigation bar, some plain color choices, and the other typical things you’d expect to see on most front pages. Of course, just because there’s little content on the very first page doesn’t instantly mean the site has no potential to be excellent. It actually takes further navigation to determine that.

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Well, they said sign up would take approximately 60 seconds, and it did. A brief sign up is always nice, as it permits you to get right into the site quicker. There are lots of online interactive cartoons that go along with OkCupid, who help you via the sign up and help get you going once you’re all set up. It’s kind of interesting, and different.

Hopefully you didn’t stop reading the review, because once you’re actually in the online dating site, there’s a lot more content than expected. There’s an interesting feature that permits you to take tests created by other users, so people can see what kind of personality or likes/dislikes you wield. Or, you can even create your own user test. Besides that, you are permitted to upload photos, look for match ups, or just browse for other singles. Every member also has a journal, which basically functions just like a blog, explaining different things about oneself or their practices. The one other unique thing OkCupid presents, is an extra section loyal to random things – thus the section is called “Fun Stuff.” It has: forums, to post and begin threads in, chances to win free stuff for referring people to the site, a few games for joy, and a humor and a “hotlist” section. doesn’t emerge to be much on the outside, but after the quick sign up you’ll see that there’s much more than one may have originally thought. It’s true that the layout is a little bland, but for being 100% free, the content that’s available is undoubtedly worth it, and very unique from other matchmaking sites. The site is growing everyday and it will grow even more, if you determine to take the brief 60 seconds to sign up.



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