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CherryBlossoms Reviews – 8 Reviews of, Sitejabber

CherryBlossoms Reviews - 8 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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I can',t agree more with k.k.',s review: It is beter than most because it does not charge yur for each message and gives you unlimited messages to send when you upgrade your profile, same as on AsianGirls4u. Nowadays, those two sites are the only option for me after I spent hundreds and thousands of dllars talking and getting nowhere. Indeed, site ain',t bad!

I',m not sure where to commence with regard to my frustration and frustration with this site. I took out a month subscription to give it a attempt. As my month draws quickly to a close, I can report having established no meaningful connection with any of the dozens of women I corresponded with during this time.

This website is designed so that you cannot reach a single female without making a payment very first. Many of the profile photos are still the same from when I was there ten years ago. slew of fake profiles. There are many dating sites now that you won',t have to pay like POF and Elusive Half.

It doesn',t come on when I attempt to sign in, they don',t react to issues, there are real scammers there and no way to report them, when someone wants to talk I can',t find them. Far inferior to Filipino Cupid and Asian Dating. It',s indeed frustrating to do anything on this site

Why better than most?

Most sites charge you for each letter, and if you want to talk they charge you per minute of talk or at the very least by the talk.

Cherry Blossom charges you a subscription fee, (1 month to a year) which permits unlimited e-mails or talks while your subscription is active.

Site is mainly Filipino women, with few from other regions of the world, so if you are looking for Europe of Latin American women you will have a limited selection.

With all fairness, the women (some are fair) go through similar difficulties from fellows only looking for quick hookup meet up, cam hookup or other activity.

It',s not Cherryblossoms fault that 85%of Filipina women aren',t looking for a spouse, and rather an escape. When I lived in America and was looking for a woman, my profile was inundated with Philippine women. I was being contacted by at least 20 Filipina',s every day. If it wasn',t for a wonderful little boy I had with the Filipina that I moved to the Philippines for I would have to say it was the thickest mistake I have ever made. It is hard to believe how self disruptive the government and the Philippine people are and even more amazing is the fact that they leave behind the mistakes they make, hence never learning from them. When they are caught attempting to scam, or extort money from people they deny it totally such as the latest Lag Lag bala incident at the Manila airport. After I moved here and found out who I truly married I separated from my wifey and took utter custody of my little boy. I recently joined Cherry blossoms two weeks ago and in my profile my address is in the Philippines for all to see before contacting me, and I have not one Filipina contact me.

I have never met any of the women from this site, but i have been on Skype with many of them and seem them for real.

Only few of them asked for money and a lot of them invited me to come and visit.

To me they seem antsy to find a husbomnd and begin a family. But they could allso be good scammers.

Some have asked for email and when i say there is no need for email, as we can use the site they get very upset. Funny that those women all was from Ukraine.

But all in all it seems legit. Just witness out for women who wants to go on email.

One women turned out to be only 13 years old and desired me to give her a computer. Of cause i treported this to the site and they deleted her profile.

This is a paid site with a long history, going back to printed, catalogs of Asian ',brides', they would send out by mail. There is a problem with scammers at this site, and they don',t show up to do much to protect paying members from scams.

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