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Meet up definition, What does meet up mean?

Hook up definition, What does hook up mean?

something hookers do.

1. i hooked up with jenny last night and it was the bomb!

Two. are you planning to meet up with mary tonight? -elbows friend-

1. recieved a good or service as a favor

Two. to make out with someone

Trio. to have s-x with someone

1. jerry gave me the meet up with those backstage p-sses.

Two. sandra and i hooked up last night and her adams apple was kinda big

Three. hooking up with derick last night was the fattest mistake in my life.

verb: to engage in any type of s-xual activity.

noun: 1. purposely ambiguous, equivocal word to describe almost any s-xual activity. usually used to exaggerate or minimize what exactly happened. a hook-up can range from a make-out session to total out s-x.

Two. person you meet up with

a: “so what did you guys do last night.”

a: “come on! that could mean anything. give me details!

to meet up is to do anything from make-out to have s-x, with someone you are not in a relationship with

i dont think i’ll ever meet up with him, even if im inebriated

i have absolutely no idea anymore.

dude a:”did you meet up with the guys last night?”

dude b:”yeah. stud c hooked us up.”

dude a: “was lady 1 there? y’all should meet up.”

dude b: “she hooked up with me after. we, like, hooked up.”

an actual conversation, heard on the chicago cta.

1) to get together with someone with the intention of dating or having s-xual relations with them.

Two) to meet up with someone to suspend out.

Three) to “hook someone up” means to provide that person with some kind of item or service, often of an illegal nature.

1) “i hooked up with my gf when she used to live next door to me.”

Two) “we’ll meet up with you guys later at c-ssidy’s.”

Three) “hook me up with an alpine sometime if you can.”

1. in middle school: holding arms and hugging

Two. in high school: making out, fondling, handjobs and bl-wj-bs

Three. in college: drunken one night stands

Four. beyond college: wild s-x

1. sean and jennifer hooked up after school yesterday.

middle school damsels: “oooooh!”

Two. sean and jennifer hooked up after prom.

high school friends: “tell me more about this!”

Trio. sean and jennifer hooked up during the wild frat party.

college broskis: “yeaah, good for you, man!”

Four. sean and jennifer hooked up after they got wasted at the bar.

anyone: “casual s-x? whatever, happens all the time.”

and that’s how people meet up.

a term meaning when people:1)make out or sleep together Two)come together

1)it’s our third date, i think i’m going to hookup with him tonight.Two)i’m going to hookup with john and gina around 9:00 at the bar later.

someone that is permanently on the prowl for house music. usually found in a dark sweaty venue with other hounds, sharing water and youtube movies of yet more house music. a house hound can smell a drop from a mile away, and will usually open with the line “do you like house?!” “why has that [&hellip,]

the compet-tion for a lady’s affections inbetween two or more dudes. ry-dog “oh man, that chick is hot, i gonna attempt tap that” mitch “no way man, i’m getting in there first” finn “and the hunt for c-nt is on!!”

two people who act like enemies and say they’re nothing alike, while in reality are best friends and practically the same person. “oh my god, can you believe that lenny and ruth haven’t killed each other yet? they must truly hate each other!” “dude, are you dense? they’re identical cousins…,.they get together on sat-rday nights [&hellip,]

an acronym, meaning “i don’t know, don’t care”. carrier Four:05 pm ====text message==== 5550121 when did columbus find america 5557143 idkdc 5550121 you should 5550121 its a homework question ================= back home

the act of pushing two (preferably large) p-n-ses in each nostril of a person, usually performed during a threesome. optional: the one getting molested can also have a harpoon shoved in the -n-s during intercourse to make the practice more exhilarating. the one being f-ck-d is also encouraged to bark like a walrus as well. [&hellip,]

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