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OkCupid Review, Free OkCupid tutorials from TechBoomers

OkCupid Review, Free OkCupid tutorials from TechBoomers

Now that we’ve covered what OkCupid is, how much it can cost, and assessed how safe it is, it&rsquo,s time to review the service. Will OkCupid help you find the love of your life, or will it pack your life with meaningless notifications? In our OkCupid review, we highlight the pros and cons of this service for you.

  • Free to commence, and mostly free to use &ndash, It is 100% free to sign up for and use OkCupid. Certain aspects require you to upgrade to the A-List, but a user can lightly be matched with people in their area, and interact with them without needing to pay for anything.
  • Instant Connections &ndash, Signing up for OkCupid is very quick, because you only have to input a puny amount of information, and reaction 7 questions. From that, you are instantly matched with people and can view the profiles of hundreds (or thousands) of users in your area. You can also instantly message and talk to other users the 2nd you accomplish the OkCupid sign up.
  • Question and Response = Better Matches &ndash, However you only need to reaction 7 initial questions, OkCupid has a bank of hundreds of questions that you can reaction at your own tempo. These contain much greater details about your personality, and are even sorted into categories such as lifestyle, ethics, or dating preferences. As you view users, you can see their answers to the same questions you have answered &ndash, or response more to expose their answers! The more questions you response, the higher your potential match percentage goes up. This is a excellent way to get to know people, especially because OkCupid permits you to explain any response you give if you feel the numerous choice options don&rsquo,t truly describe how you feel.
  • Unwanted Messages &ndash, Because there is no large initial questionnaire on OkCupid like there is on other dating websites, only 7 basic questions determine your Match % with another user. Any user in your area can message you once you create a profile, regardless of how good of a match you are. In addition, unless you choose to hide a user in your privacy settings, any OkCupid user has the capability to message you or view your profile as frequently as they like.
  • No Verification or Pre-Screening &ndash, Any person can sign up for OkCupid, as long as they have an email. It is enormously effortless to be dishonest about your individual details, and still build up access to all of the OkCupid users. However that makes sign up quick, it also means that the users are vulnerable to frequent online scams, and interacting with users who are not who they say they are.
  • Question and Reaction = A Long Process &ndash, Tho’ the detailed questions are fine for enhancing your chances of finding a good match on OkCupid, it can be an enormously long process to get to the point where you&rsquo,re interacting with users you are compatible with. You also need to have answered the same question as any other user in order to see how they answered the question (unless you upgrade your account to the A-List).

The bottom line: 7.Five / Ten

OkCupid offers instant connections to users, and it is amazingly effortless to interact with your matches. Because of this, the type of relationship people are looking for is enormously varied. The more questions you response, the more likely you are to make a good connection with your match, so if you use OkCupid, take some time to response a few questions each time you log on.

It is very effortless to use this site without needing to pay, however, the paid subscription options they suggest through the A-List could be beneficial to some, depending on your preferences. There is no form of verification for OkCupid, and literally anyone can create an account without being screened &ndash, so take extra care to ensure your privacy is protected and you are safe while using OkCupid. For safety tips, visit our previous tutorial.

If you’d like to see how OkCupid stacks up compared to other similar dating websites, check out our article on the Best 6 Websites like OkCupid!

Anyway, that&rsquo,s the basic good and bad of OkCupid. If you think you&rsquo,d like this dating site based on our OkCupid reviews, check out our next lesson on how to sign up for OkCupid.

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