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Android Apps Reviews, News & Tips

Android Apps Reviews, News & Tips

The 100 Best Android Apps

Navigate the galaxy of apps in Google Play with this list of the 100 best Android apps.

The Best Android Games

We’ve picked out our ten dearest games from the thousands available on Google Play.

The Best Android VPN Apps

Protect your mobile communications with a secure virtual private network (or VPN) app.

Ten Must-Have Android Apps

Got a fresh Android device? These are the ten apps you should download very first.

Editors’ Ratings

HelloTalk Review

Bottom Line: When you’re ready to experiment with a foreign language, HelloTalk provides an excellent chance for interaction with other speakers.

Quartz (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Quartz fails to reach its total potential as a conversation-driven news app, but it works fine for catching up on the day’s headlines.

Google Android 8.0 Oreo Review

Bottom Line: With its latest Android version, Google aims to make the mobile OS more efficient and comfy, both under the spandex hood and in your forearm.

PureVPN (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: PureVPN has excellent features but is hampered by awkward design and problematic spectacle.

Twitter (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: With a clean design and elementary but clever look, Twitter’s free Android app is worth a download if you’re a dedicated Twitter user. Those who manage more than a few social media accounts across numerous sites, however, will achieve greater efficiency with a social media manager app.

Foursquare Swarm (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Foursquare’s Swarm is a compelling take on life- and location-logging, with a reworked interface and a welcome simplification of features.

Google Allo (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Google Allo is a beautifully designed app that lets you talk and send media to your friends, and the Google Assistant adds search to the conversation. It faces daunting competition in the crowded messenger space, however.

Credit Karma (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Credit Karma gives you your credit report and score from two credit-reporting bureaus. The web app offers more, however, and the Android app comes up light on mobile features.

Doodle (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: The Doodle Android app takes the anguish out of finding the best time and date for a group of people to meet. It’s an Editors’ Choice app.

Instagram (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Instagram for Android proceeds to pack in fresh functionality, including live movie and Snapchat-style stories. It’s close to being overstuffed, but still reigns supreme among social photo sharing apps.

Mint (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: The Mint app for Android does an excellent job of providing you insight to how much money you have, how much you owe, and where you spend it. Mint is the best mobile app for keeping your individual finances under control.

Speedify VPN (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Hence the name, Speedify is all about speed, bundling your Wi-Fi and cellular data into one super-connection, and encasing the entire thing in a privacy-enhancing VPN. It might mean prompt browsing, but it doesn’t suggest much in the way of features.

Flipboard (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Flipboard is an excellent news-reading app that gathers articles from around the web and supplies them to your Android device in attractive Brainy Magazines that you can tailor to your own interests.

Norton WiFi Privacy (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: Norton WiFi Privacy produces a reasonably compelling VPN service, but it can be an expensive proposition.

Asana (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: The Asana Android app is a companion to, rather than a replacement for, the Asana web app. When used that way, it helps you stay connected to your team while you’re away from a desk.

TorGuard VPN (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: The TorGuard VPN Android app provides access to a swift, sturdy VPN service with slew of servers around the world. Just don’t expect a lot of hand-holding.

Trello (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: As a ordinary and lightweight kanban instrument, Trello works well on Android. It isn’t a total replacement for the Web app, but it is a reliable stand-in whenever you’re away from your desk.

Slack (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: The Slack Android app lets you stay in touch with your teammates no matter where you are, and you’re always in control of when and how you get alerts. It’s an Editors’ Choice team messaging app.

iHeartRadio (for Android) Review

Bottom Line: iHeartRadio brings custom-built channels, podcasts, thousands of live radio stations, and (eventually!) premium features to Android devices. However, it trails the field’s major players in some areas.

Google Wallet Review

Bottom Line: Google Wallet still lacks many of the features that have hopped ship for the complementary Android Pay app, but it remains a solid mobile-payment option.

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