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Top Ten Best Torrent Download Sites, Websites September 2017

Top 10 Best Torrent Download Sites, Websites September 2017

Torrent sites is a protocol based peer-to-peer (,PTP), File Sharing mechanism that is used to delivering high quality large amounts of data over the internet. The torrent is used for distribution of more popular any type of large files such as mp3 files, audio files, music, software, movie files, Movies, portable document format (,PDF),, ebooks and some other digital files available for free. Over 189 million world broad active internet users use this technology. It is more swifter efficient and cheaper. Any torrent client capable of requesting and delivering any type of computer file over network with protocol. These sites was responsible for Trio.46%, of all world broad total file sharing bandwidth. Best valuable torrent sites on the internet to download any type of digital content you want Kickass Torrents,, ExtraTorrent, ThePiratebay, YTS to get hollywood, bollywood files and mp3 music, Rarbg, Limetorrents,

Using Torrent Websites you can Download Music torrents, albums, audios, computer programs, musics, pdf (Portable Document Format) files, electronic books, CD and DVD’s, Movies, movies, mp3 torrent files, TV programs, pictures, Games, byte codes and zip files. All below sites Absolutely Free.

Top Ten – 15 Best Torrent Download Sites (Torrenting sites)

1 KickassTorrents Alexa rank = Trio,234 | Site URL =

Kickass is a best torrent website that provides a directory for torrent files and magnet links to facilitate peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. use the bittorrent protocol and provides torrent files and magnet links, it is a torrent Search Engine launched in 2008 which provide a visitor friendly web page design that will make the search of torrents lighter and organised. It is no a tracker and hosts no content. Kickass design unique and plain, using it you can Download Free Movies without lost your significant time. Katcr available in 31 languages and Eighteen millions of US visitors use this website to download torrents. Katcr offers a ordinary design page with finder bar to find Movies, mp3 torrent, games, TV programs and much more, This awesome torrent download site have a high quality search algorithm to produce high quality media results. What type of torrents this service provide on home page – Movies, TV shows, Music, Games, Applications, Anime, Books.

Kickass safe mirrors –,,

Two Alexa rank = 313 | Site URL = is an online destination for hollywood, animation and bollywood movies. It was developed in 2011, Here you will able to browse and download High definition (HD) hollywood movies in excellent 720, 1080p and 3D quality all at the smallest file size. YTS combined all the torrent qualities into a single movie page, added the capability for logged in visitors to be able to bookmark page url for later download. YTS provide comprehensive data backup schedule services, facebook and Google like page , Talk area, RSS feed.

  • YTS offers high quality movie torrent magnet links.
  • Provide virus free file link for safety purpose.
  • Site has massive database of all hollywood movies.

Trio ThePiratebay Alexa rank = 156 | Site URL =

ThePiratebay is a torrent tracker directory site on the internet where any newcomer can upload download virus free torrent files (,game files, movie files, mp3 torrent files),. More than 112.Three million unique users use this site to download movies, movies, ebooks and much more. It was developed by Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm, Peter Sunde in September 2003 in Sweden. The Piratebay servers support SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. In other words TPB is an online index of digital content, where Users can search, download, contribute torrent files and magnet links, which facilitate PTP (peer to peer file sharing) among users of the Bit torrent protocol.

Four Alexa rank = Trio,457 | Site URL =

Torrentz is a free, more popular and rapid Meta Search Engine. It was founded by flippy in march, 2003. This indexing 27,219,584 active torrents from 32 domains it is similar to google. does’t host any magnet links or digital files, but redirects users to other sites on the internet. It is not a torrent directory and tracker. Torrentz provide advanced torrent search implement for mozilla firefox and linux. Torrentz user interface awesome with high quality design consists of two basic blocks a search panel and a user menu.

Five Alexa rank = 256 | Site URL = is a most popular torrent download site, that provides torrent files and links to facilitate peer to peer file sharing using the bit torrent protocol. offers torrent files of software, music, pics and ebooks. It is fully free, quick, secure and powerful torrent finder. On this site you can’t upload .exe files. Site provide a high quality template with static navigation bar. more popular in European countries. Using this awesome service any user can get torrent files without registration.

6 Alexa rank = Two,467 | Site URL =

isoHunt was developed by Gary Fung in march 2003. It is the most advanced BitTorrent and best peer to peer engine, where users can browse, search, upload/download digital content of mostly entertainment nature. Thousands of torrents were added to and deleted from it every day. introduces the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Using isohunt bot you can embark watching movie or tv showcase directly from your device if you have a torrent client already installed on it. isohunt bot service absolutely ads-free. It is powerful service to download hollywood stuff, HD movies and DVD files.

7 Alexa rank = 1,863 | Site URL =

EZTV is a tv torrent distribution group developed in march 2005. It is a best place to find any type to tv program files, site offers more than one magnet links for each tv program, within one 2nd you can lightly find, download tv torrent you want. strongly recommend our users to use a VPN to make themselves anonymous while downloading or streaming torrents. By using a VPN your government agencies and ISPs will not be able to see any of your online activity.

  • Features of this site – List of latest tv shows on homepage with download links to save time.
  • More elementary User Interface with prompt loading theme.

8 Extratorrent Alexa rank = 357 | Site URL = is another directory based best torrenting site which offers TV programs or shows, Anime, Books, pics and mobile torrents links. Its template design very good and site offers advanced search bar to find any type of torrents you want. Over 27 million US unique visitors use this site. Extratorrent can be used with or without registration, it more prompt and sturdy.

9 Torrentfunk Alexa rank = Trio,564 | Site URL =

Torrentfunk is a best platform offers 8,944,193 total torrent Two,173,290 verified torrents are available, site added over 1892 torrent daily. Torrentfunk suggest a search bar to find any type of torrent you want, this website offers Upcoming television shows, software, anime, ebooks, adult torrents. Site suggest a upload form to upload torrent files.

Ten Alexa rank = Five,362 | Site URL =

iPtorrents is one of the most popular secure company which offers high speed download of a large volume of quality digital data. iPtorrents is a invite only website which means that one can not just signup for it. You will need someone with an invite to add you to the site. In 2nd option fresh members can join only through donation plans. Company features it has high quality torrents, Good speed for downloading, Multiplicity of content.

11 Limetorrents Alexa rank = Two,684 | Site URL = https:,/,/,

Limetorrent was developed in 2003 it is a meta web crawler on this website millions of files being uploaded, downloaded and collective. Users may browse through the available torrents using a number of different filters and categories to narrow down their results. To download best torrent files from this website you will need to use torrent tracker software.

12 Alexa rank = 1,246 | Site URL =

1337x provide quick browse facility to lightly access Tv shows Applications, Anime, Music. 25,973 people like facebook page. is a free torrent directory. 24.56 million world broad unique visitors use this website. This site provide multi tracker index facility you cannot put your comments on torrent files. Using it you can download any type of 1024, 720 HD movies, audios and songs.

13 Yourbittorrent Site URL = https:,/,/, | Alexa R = 5K is a best peer-to-peer Torrent which permits visitors to share large files such as games, mp3 files, anime and some more web stuff with each other. have a total of 8.Five million torrents on your bittorrent of which Three.1 million are verified. On this platform over Three.2K torrents uploaded daily.

14 Alexa rank = 7,567 | Site URL =

Monova is a best torrenting sites that is growing very quick on the internet. Site offers best user interface for users to understand and in addition to providing the option of downloading digital content through torrent. Monova attract over 6.Five million users major reason of its growing users is the large number of games, hd movies, software, tv shows and ebooks that get uploaded to the website every day. Unregistered users can only download torrents but if you want upload a digital file on this website, then very first signup and after you can upload files with help of upload function which offers by

15 Alexa rank = Five,256 | Site URL =

Hy My friend you know Bitsnoop it is best website to get torrenting facilities you want, Using this awesome brand you can download movies, audio books, bollywood and hollywood high definition movies and softwares. It is a big brand on the web over 1 crore users worldwide use this site to download torrents and search. This website work as a web crawler to find best torrent and it was founded in 2008. Bitsnoop switched domain name

16 Torrentdownloads Site URL =

TorrentDownloads is another best veteran among popular this time. is a top provider of a broad range of digital torrent files like most others on this list. home page has torrent files categorized as TV series, Mp3 music, HD Movies, e-books, Apps and many more, which is a welcome addition for performing a quick search.

17 Alexa rank = 957 | Site URL =

torrentproject is a best most popular site to download movies, games, music torrents, ebooks and software torrents. This website has more than 8,873,683 torrent files and with more than 66 crore seeds. On site homepage top you can see all statistics about sites database and most viewed and downloaded torrents display in middle of the site homepage.

Total torrents – 9,834,605 Total Trackers – 8,645 Total seeds – 535,629,974 Total Leeches – 217,513,251 Total size of all Torrents – 16,792.01 Terabytes

Legitimate Yify-torrent Alexa rank = Two,647 | Site URL =

Yify-torrent was founded in 2003. On it you can find your beloved torrent files based on different categories like mobile application, tv stuff, wwe movies, softwares, animes etc. It give more reliable results for you. This valuable for movie paramours.

Nineteen Torrentday Alexa rank = Three,514 | Site URL =

Torrentday provides virus infected, span or password protected torrent files. On this platform yoy will find only verified files. Torrentday permits you to find and download needed content in effortless and convenient way with just few clicks.

20 Gamestorrents Alexa rank = Four,361 | Site URL =

Gamestorrents is a most popular site for download games, 3D games. It was developed in may 2008. This website downright design for only game torrent downloads. 56,231 US unique visitors use this site. is another meta torrent search engine get data from over 450+ torrent websites. Now over 55,000,000 torrents indexed.

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