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OKCupid is the fastest growing online dating site with its yam-sized fan base and continuous inflow of singles every day. OKCupid is the best of all as it lets the users to find compatible matches and communicate with them for free!

Singles flock to this website for its interesting features, math-based matching system, very compatible matches to ultimately find their true love or life fucking partner. OKCupid does not connect users to random matches like other dating sites and chooses the logical treatment to making matches.

OKCupid is becoming very popular day by day, most likely will give all its counterparts a run for their money in the near future.

Popularity by Country


  • A-List Basic
  • 1 month for $15.95 per month
  • Trio month for $35.85 ($11.95 per month)
  • 6 month for $47.70 ($7.95 per month)
  • A-List Premium
    • 1 month for $34.90 per month
    • Trio month for $89.70 ($29.90 per month)
    • 6 month for $149.40 ($24.90 per month)
    • Boot
      • 1 boot for $1.99 each
      • Five boots for $9.45 ($1.89 each)
      • Ten boots for $16.90 ($1.Sixty-nine each)
      • The Benefits of Having a Subscription

        Getting Began

        With an attractive and elegant interface, OKCupid steals the showcase totally! The website is user-friendly and comfy with bold letters and colorful backgrounds. Anybody can sign up and use most of its interesting features for free. If you are fresh to online dating then OKCupid will be the best place to attempt your luck.

        OKCupid uses a elementary questionnaire and registration process. You can sign up by mentioning your date of birth, location, zip code and email address or simply use your Facebook account to sign into the website.

        Once you sign in, OKCupid prompts you to response a set of ten elementary questions. They are light-hearted and witty ones. These questions do not bog your mind or tense you out. OKCupid undoubtedly knows about very first impression.

        Once you create an OKCupid account and reaction the ten questions, the site navigates to a set of random matches. You can select three matches that suit your taste and the site even permits you to skip this step if you want to take things slow.

        OKCupid takes you to the profile page after this process. You just have to be cool and pack in information about yourself. Unlike, other dating sites that ask you to pack hundreds of questions, OKCupid keeps it ordinary and lighter.

        The profile page is divided into three parts, “About”, “Photos” and “Questions”. In the ‘about’ section, users must describe about themselves. Some of the questions include I’m truly good at, six things I cannot do without, dearest books, music, movies and on a typical Friday I am.

        You must also pack in some basic information like who you are looking for, age group, relationship status, location, whether you are here for dating, fresh friends or casual hookup. Basic details section includes information about your height, bod type, relationship type, ethnicity, religion, habits, zodiac sign, education, kids and language.

        Once you create your profile, OKCupid lets you enhance it by adding a face for your profile. You can upload photos from your computer or any other photo website. But photos are mandatory to increase attention and visibility of your profile. OKCupid is rigorous with photos and does not permit photos with nakedness, extreme close ups, pets and artwork.

        This is the most unique and significant feature of OKCupid. The website uses numerical percentage to find compatibility inbetween members. The higher the percentage is the greater are the chances of finding better matches.

        Questions play an significant role in enhancing this numerical percentage. To find better matches, users are prompted to reaction as many as questions possible. The basic requirement for finding matches is to response at least 25 questions.

        There are almost Four,000 questions in the system so it’s advisable to love them as you response. They are numerous choice questions, where you must give your reaction along with the reaction you are expecting from your fucking partner.

        The response must be rated according to its importance. The default answers are a little, somewhat and very. It also permits you to explain the reaction for clarification purposes but it’s totally optional.

        Find Your Mate

        OKCupid uses the responses of users to bring in their ideal matches. There are two types of match search options, browse matches and quick match.

        Using browse matches, members can look for potential playmates based on looks, background, availability, personality, vices and questions. You can also browse matches based on location, age group, photos and relationship status. The results will display the percentage they match you.

        Quick match brings you a random set of matches that displays their utter profile. You can rate or skip the profile. Advanced search options include keywords, joining date, etc.

        Quiver is a unique feature that is available only after you accomplish 25 match questions. It shows three matches at a time and substitutes it when it becomes empty. OKCupid assess 55 different personality traits to bring in the best match.

        After answering 500 questions, OKCupid permits its users to write their own questions on the “Improve Matches” page.

        Interacting With Matches

        Members can interact with their matches through messages. If you message one match, you will receive a fresh one the next day. If you overlook it, then it will be substituted after seven days. The traditional options for communication like emails and messages are available on the website.

        OKCupid uses some quirky ways to spark interest inbetween matches. It has created tests such as The “Nerd? Geek? Or Dork?” Or “3 Variable Funny Test” to compare the compatibility inbetween matches. These tests are funny ways to interact with matches because the answers will not affect your numerical percentage.


        • Create profile with photos
        • View members profiles and photos
        • Send messages
        • Reaction questions
        • Search for potential matches
        • Get compatible matches
        • Participate in quizzes and tests
        • Create fresh questionnaire and tests

        Unique Features

        OKCupid uses math algorithms to find compatibility inbetween members and rate them as friends, paramours or enemies.

        Personality tests to interact with members and compare the answers with other members to find better matches.

        Personality Graph depicts about the qualities of you and your fucking partner through a Venn diagram-like chart. This helps to better understand the traits inbetween matches.

        Members can boost their profiles’ visibility for 15 minutes using automatic daily boost. It also lets you see who viewed and liked your profile.

        OKCupid offers ad-free practice by making the page blast quicker and reducing distractions.

        Members can also browse profiles invisibly, read receipts for sent messages, add message filters and message priority options.

        Enhanced attraction feature lets members to see your profile at the top.

        Members can also switch their username without creating a fresh account, custom-made search results and store up to 5000 messages.

        OKCupid released its apps for both iOS and Android devices.

        OKCupid Events encourages its members to meet with each other in real-time.

        OkTrends blog provide dating tips, advice and discussions.

        The Pros

        Free to browse and message other members

        The Cons

        Advertisements on the website

        Narrow match range

        No group talking

        No audio/movie talking

        Bottom Line

        OKCupid is a free online dating site that provides a well-designed interface, interactive features, personality assessment tests and a math-compatibility factor to help millions of singles find ever-lasting love in their lives.

        Personally, OKCupid seems to be the best out of all dating websites. The colorful and attractive layout just soothes your mind and instantly lifts your mood. The atmosphere on OKCupid is very light and friendly that resembles to a social media platform.

        It’s very effortless to search for people, connect, interact and become friends with other users. There is no fear of sexual contents and photos on OKCupid which makes the dating practice convenient and joy. It’s a must attempt for all teenagers attempting to hit their heart with the emotion of love.

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