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How To Be Single – (2016) – Rotten Tomatoes

How To Be Single - (2016) - Rotten Tomatoes


Critics Consensus: How to Be Single boasts the rough outline of a feminist rom-com, but too willingly indulges in the genre conventions it wants to subvert.

Critics Consensus: How to Be Single boasts the rough outline of a feminist rom-com, but too willingly indulges in the genre conventions it wants to subvert.


Critic Consensus: How to Be Single boasts the rough outline of a feminist rom-com, but too willingly indulges in the genre conventions it wants to subvert.

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Critic Reviews for How To Be Single

How to Be Single is over a half hour before it’s over.

A horrifically bad romantic comedy that serves as a celebration of entitlement, consumerism, and shallow behavior.

This concept of single still assumes that a woman must have a man, that a lady’s only choice is inbetween one beau or 20.

Nothing here will gargle you away — think of this one as taking baby steps away from what’s formulaic.

It’s chickbait for Valentine’s weekend, a fluffball that plays like warmed-over subplots from Lovemaking and the City.

It . exists in a candy-coated Fresh York where everyone has infinite money, exactly six nonwhite people ever speak and Christmas is always gently covered with pristine, powdery snow.

It doesn’t go for as much low-brow humor as you would expect judging from the trailer, but instead likes to use all of its intertwining characters and stories to again, just explore the different lifestyles, benefits, and freedoms of being single.

Director Christian Ditter paints a pretty but hollow, hetero-normative and infuriating portrait of singledom.

How To Be Single fights to say anything fresh about the modern dating game in Fresh York City.

As much as you can feel Single attempting to break rom-com stereotypes, ultimately it can’t shed the formula.

Might I suggest an alternate title for “How to Be Single”? “Typecasting: The Movie!”

Johnson is an appealing lead and albeit the message is mixed and some of the scenes are awkwardly badly written, it holds together fine over two hours and there are funny moments.

Audience Reviews for How To Be Single

A kind of clever and poignant film about relationships, How to Be Single is an entertaining rom-com. After Alice violates up with her long-time beau she befriends a co-worker who helps her navigate the single scene in Fresh York City, meantime, her sister faces her own relationship issues when a casual meet up turns into something more. Starring Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie, and Leslie Mann, the casting is pretty good (through Wilson is rather annoying, playing her typical explosion mouth character). And, the film has some interesting things to say about dating, and the societal expectations that come with it. However, it can be a bit cliched at times and the jokes are hit and miss. How to Be Single has some problems, but there’s a sincerity to it and it produce a lot of laughs.

Not flawless, but pleasant chick flick.

Dakota Johnson’s vapid everygirl quality is actually fairly flawless for Alice, a twenty-something attempting to find herself in the aftermath of a codependent relationship. There is the requisite misguided ex-sex and no-strings-attached friend-sex of a standard romcom, but there’s also genuine friendship inbetween the age-diverse women and a good balance of raunchy girl-bonding comedy (courtesy of reliable hot mess Rebel Wilson) and elaborate emotion from the parade of interesting fresh suitors. The ending also produces well on the premise of the title – no more, no less.

How to be Single. When I very first when into the cinema I was very skeptical, I don’t dig chick flicks and I wouldn’t classify this as a chick flick albeit it does capture the female practice of being single. I had mixed feelings about the movie, I felt as if the plot was very unfocused and the character development was awful on some of the characters. You don’t actually grow to care to about any of them, I got a ‘Crazy Stupid Love” vibe but the characters weren’t treated as well. There were too many characters and there wasn’t truly a lead character to go after. It’s just different characters in their own little world. Let’s get it this out of the way, I hate Rebel Wilson, I think the entire ‘Fat Amy’ and making joy of herself is not funny, she plays the same person in every movie, I think she has potential but it is clearly not visible in this movie. She has no development in the movie. Besides those flaws, I actually laughed a few times and I was accurately liking myself at most times. Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson were the best in there roles in my opinion. Overall, this movie wasn’t a bad time. Go see it if there are no Deadpool showings and if you got the extra money! As a comedy it made me laugh and for that it gets a 6.Five/Ten.

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