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HTTPS Sites Now 25 Percent of Top Google Search Results

HTTPS Sites Now 25 Percent of Top Google Search Results

One letter can indeed make a difference. If you haven&rsquo,t already, you should truly make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS on your business websites. Not only are HTTPS sites more secure, but Google is providing these sites a priority when indexing.

If you want to know how much importance Google is placing on HTTPS sites, here is an significant lump of data.

Marketing scientist at MOZ, Dr. Pete Meyers, recently Tweeted that the MOZCAST 10K, a measure of top Google search results, now shows 25 percent of these are HTTPS sites.

HTTPS: URLs are presently right around 25% of page-1 results in the MozCast 10K.

The MOZCAST 10K graphs SERP (Search Engine Results Page) feature history. The graph looks at switches in major SERP features over time.

This latest graph, taken inbetween December 17, 2015, and January 13, 2016, shows Google&rsquo,s SERP feature history. And guess what, HTTPS results are enhancing.

That&rsquo,s a lot of acronyms, but that&rsquo,s just the world we live in!

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and is a method of moving data around. It&rsquo,s a rapid way to stir data however it&rsquo,s also not the most secure. But adding the S in HTTPS makes a big difference.

Essentially the S in HTTPS is security, literally standing for Secure. This means data coming and going on your site is now encrypted using an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate that is hard to hack.

Again more acronyms, but is goes to display how significant security is to Google. It&rsquo,s also good to have more security on your business website where lots of sensitive information is very likely collective.

From the plain login page to more significant information like credit card numbers, you want to make sure not only your information but also your customer&rsquo,s information is secure.

And so evidently does Google, as the MOZCAST 10K graph shows that HTTPS page-1 results have enlargened since the company announced providing HTTPS indexing priority. True it&rsquo,s not the largest increase, but it does display a sustained growth.

If you are wondering how to make the switch to HTTPS for your petite business website check out our article on the subject.

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Tabby McFarland

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That&rsquo,s all good but my computer keeps blocking HTTPS sites. So this means that I will most likely skip through the results until I found that is working.

Please add a link to the article on how to make the switch. I cruised around your pages and not witnessing it.

The link is in this article in the very first paragraph. But here it is:

Excellent article! Didn&rsquo,t know that but it makes sense that google wants better ways to trust internet websites. I will go to the next article to see how to get my janitorial service on https. Thanks.

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