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When you go to their site to join, it asks you several questions, and then the site signs you up for another one of their dating sites instead!

When you go to their site to join, it asks you several questions, and then the site signs you up for another one of their dating sites instead!

The best type of online matchmaking site – is a 100 percent free one, and that’s what this is. is a totally free dating site to use and has no limitations against any of its members. So, it has a little bit of “personality.” It needs to have a splendid visual appearance as well however, for it to be indeed successful.

The verdict came quickly tho’, and I was instantaneously affected by the site’s sleek design and nice friendly layout and colors. All of the information on the front page is neatly placed about, and effortless to navigate through and find what you need. The gist of everything is provided for you, and you can lightly get an idea of what to expect if you were to sign up. The other nice thing it shows you, is just how many members are on at one time. This is a puny, yet significant detail. Most people don’t pay notice to it the very first time, but they should. The amount of singles online at once means a lot, when it’s in the thousands, and on it is. Just looking on there for the very first time, there are Five,527 female singles, and 6,502 masculine singles online. You have to expect that not everyone who is apart of the site is on at one time, so this is only a partial sum of the actual entire population of the website. Just from these numbers, it is most likely very large. The ratio inbetween the two genders is actually pretty close, with masculines at about 60% and females 40%. This is only an estimated number however, from the current singles online. It could reflect on the entire population, which in that case, both genders have an even chance of finding their ideal match.

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Very inntresting article! Thanks Muqa!

Yes, that site does remind me of myspace, but if you are looking for a solid dating site with tons of features, check out It’s 100% free.

I can not get my messages on this site , have to go back to one message that I saved . Also not receiving match info, from this site . Have attempted to contact this site but no response .

Site is a finish waste of time, but at least it’s free, it’s only benefit. Folks don’t react to messages, site doesn’t enforce their own rules, lots of black racism and sexism, but I find the forums amusing if I could log in. Do they think me in such good form that I can hop through this many hoops?

I am a member of Date hookup but cant sign on or log on to it .. what is the problem getting on there ? I am nikki222 . can u tell me how to get on the site please !

I have Attempted Several Times to Sign UP for But keeps Interfering. I Don’t Want to Sign up for!! Once pops up I can’t get Beyond to Sign UP for I was on a while back but met someone (unluckily did not work out) so I took down my Profile in “2012”. Now I can not get back on Keeps Popping UP &, Interfering. Why.

I was on here until Mar this year and met someone and it didn’t work out. I cant get back on and directs me to other sites. Am tired of it,cant get on others either. Maybe I should report this to Kks attorney General as a false ad. Ive had them before help me. I know prople on here who aren’t having problems.

its one of the oldest dating site online and happly switched their bad design lately. after you login to you will see tons of people online at a time and the good side is the community is totally free : means you can even send / get individual messages without any cost. But like all other dating sites if you are a masculine its little bit complicated to find a mate, i waited for near Two months to get my very first match however if you can paint a good profile it may be lighter. has had NO moderation at all in months. People are permitted to do and say anything on there. Also, they are not permitting any more people to join. When you go to their site to join, it asks you several questions, and then the site signs you up for another one of their dating sites instead! That is just wrong, and most likely illegal also. Something needs to be done about that site.

I liked it in the beginning because I was getting so many messages but i’ve discovered many of the members are old whores and one in particular asked for my cell number &, now wont abandon texting nasty messages

Ur rite it is inposable to get back on!

Datehookup is a good site but hell to login

I have been on this one site and was in a superb relationshio for a year but coukdnt get her off of it. It was an titillating rail but now im attempting again. Thx

as i checked the page from your link it seems realy very very old-fashioned with the layout anyway will attempt it lets see

not the best one but still nice is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating. It’s more of a hook-up site version of My Space. I would never recommend date meet up to anyone loking for a long term relationship. Hell, I think it would even be insulting for casual dating too.

Datehookup is just like anyother dating site except it is free and has lots more forums, many age oriented. Unluckily, the forums are run by people who just want to play online word and picture games or make snide, petty remarks to each other.

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