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Acronyms used in Online Dating Sites

Acronyms used in Online Dating Sites

Acronyms used in Online Dating Sites

Just like in SMS and instant messaging conversations, there is someslang involved in an online dating escapade. It is good that you knowthese acronyms and brief forms to be successful when using onlinedating services.

We have only listed a select few acronyms (and what they mean) thatfrequently occur in conversations and profiles made out on onlinedating services.

Bondage & Discipline – This means Restrain bondage, Discipline, Sadism and SM. BDSMactivities may not be overtly sexual, but these activities are usuallyeroticized by the participants.

BBW – This means Big Beautiful Woman. A neologic term often used bywomen who are slightly obese or overweight. This is often found ononline dating sites.

DDF – This refers to “Drug and Disease Free”. Somebody means he orshe does not consume any drugs and is relatively disease free.

DW followed by F or M. This means Divorced White Female (or masculine, asthe case may be). This too is common in online dating profiles.

NK – This means “No Kids”. It is found more on online dating profiles, not used in conversations.

LTR – This means the member is looking for Long Term Relationship.This is another common slang found in online dating profiles.

LGBT – This means “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender”. This means theoriginal poster is looking for similar type of relationship fucking partner.

NSA – No, this is not the National Security Agency, as you mightbelieve. When used as part of an online dating profile, it refers to“No Strings Attached”. It means the original poster is looking for acasual relationship with no obligation to proceed earnestly.

SB followed by F or M – As you may know already, this refers toSingle Black Female (or masculine, as the case may be). This is a commonterm found on online dating individual ads.

SWF – Often found in individual ads on dating sites, this term meansSingle White Female. Some people think it means Straight White Female.

TDH – This term is usually used by fellows in their individual ads ononline dating sites, and it stands for Tall, Dark and Killer. Manymen put this because they think women are more attracted to TDH masculines.

W/E – This term may not need too much explanation, for it means“Well Endowed” and you can obviously guess its meaning. Often found inmale private ads on online dating services.

WAA – Will Reaction All. The original poster of the private ad inquestion is telling he or she will reaction all the responses, with a yesor no.

There are also a few more commonly used terms/acronyms used in online dating talks.

NOYB – This means None of Your Business, and the user is attempting to put the other person in his or her place.

TAFN – This means that’s All for Now. Often used during the closing stages of a talk conversation on an online dating site.

ICBW – This expands to I Could Be Wrong. User is attempting to make some educated guesses about the other personality.

These are just a few slang terms used on online dating services. Toknow more, you can search for ‘dating slang’ on the Internet.

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