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It`s effortless to find like-minded people to talk to here.

It`s easy to find like-minded people to talk to here.

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I like this site a lot. You meet a lot of fresh people from all over the world on it. It’s truly joy =]


I love Teenage Talk! It’s so cool and my beloved of all its a place where you can meet fresh people and make fresh friends.

Brittany aka Toaster Oven

Teenage Talk is an awesome talk to Meet Fresh people while being yourself! I’ve met a lot of Superb people on this site along with a love interest 🙂 I’ve been coming here for years and It’s as superb as ever!

i love it. its differnt n i love meeting fresh guys that are like me. like the same music and stufff. Rock on teenage talk!


I think I very first stumbled across this site when I was 14. Five years on I still log on to teenage talk sometimes. It’s effortless to find like-minded people to talk to here. Kudos for making this place have such immense staying power!


Omg there is so many cool ppl on here! Like thankz for creating this website ! peace !


Teenage talk is good! I love going onto the Emo talk and talking with people. =D I’ve made a lot of cool friends by coming on here. =]

natty babii xx

I love this talk. I have been using it since January. It’s excellent because I feel a real connection with all the people I talk to in the talk rooms and everyone is so friendly and sweet.


I’ve been coming to these talk rooms for three years. It’s been joy meeting fresh people. It’s also an amazing way to fight boredom. There are so many people worth meeting on here that I think everyone should get a chance to come on here and talk, then they can meet ME! And a entire bunch of other amazing people. =D

Teenage talk is an amazing place. It is total of grea people who like different things and you can talk and find out about what they do and how there town/city is like. Its a excellent way to communicate


These are the best free talk rooms ever! You can speak loosely and meet some nice people. My advice to you is tp join this talk room or else you’re missing out!


misshustler16- i think that teenage talk would have to be the best talk site. you meet TONS of people, and uncommonly are they mean. you can express yourself, and get some feedback. awesome job guys: ]

Hrm, I have to say, Teenage Talk is an awesome talk site, I’ve been coming here for fairly a while and it’s truly sparked my creative side in both Roleplaying forms and mere story writing. I’ve met alot of cool people whilst staying here, mainly in the Padded Cell. Keep on rawking dudes!


Teenage talk is so awesome, the people on here are totally chill, I have met so many people on here.


Yeah, I always go on teenage talk it’s the most interactive way to talk to fresh people and keep in touch with people that you talk to everyday when i am bored or i just want to talk to them :)and its just so colorful and pretty :P!!

Its joy to talk u met a lot of nice gurls n make many friends all of my myspace friends r from teenage talk except Two

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