List of the best free datingsites:,,

Websites for single teenagers

Websites for single teens

This is by FAR the best talk room i’ve ever been to and it’s free! Keep up the good work Dan!


Hey, I love Teenage Talk. It’s indeed cool. You meet a lot of people like you, and you never get tired of it. If i’m just sitting at home, i just come on here and just chill. It’s truly cool. (:

This is fantastic place to meet and make fresh friends from all over the world, and the best thing is its free.

teenage talk is mint! You meet people that you indeed like and can relate to. These are my dearest free talk rooms ever!

Teenage Talk is the best thing that has ever happened! I meet a lot of awesome people here that are near my location or live in the same location! It’s arousing, and it keeps me from being bored! I’v also meet a lot of other Native too!! I’ve never found another free talk room with this many cool people.

Katie <>

Wow! Teenage talk possesses my heart! <,Three property of Teenchat >,>,


Well, Teenage talk has been Very well website, to met some very positive friend’s. I love it here! :DDD Come find me and we’ll become friend’s! <,Three


I’m only fresh to teenage talk but I’m already addicted to these talk rooms. The amount of people I’ve met since coming in is amazing. Pregnancy talk is a superb place to talk to other people in the same situation as me =]

Lorna Bridges

I love the fact you can talk and remain anonymous. well not anymore obviously :-P. Luv ya site


Pretty sweet site! Amazingly good free talk rooms! Superb place to talk wit friends and pep more than friends!! Come talk me up!


I love these talk rooms! There are so many cool people and I always have joy!!


Teenage talk is awesome. I’ve met so many hot emo chicks and talked to pretty cool guys too. This is the only place that i feel comfy about my self. Talk to me in the emo talk!!


I love teenage talk I have sooo many friends here and they help me go through some rough time lol they are pretty much awesome


Hey i’m a blonde cutie ready to begin talking about anythang that pops into mind soo wanna talk message me doll xoxo


I LOVE these talk rooms! They’re AMAZING! I met a lot of nice people and met some indeed good friends. this is the BEST talk site EVER!! I LOV YOU GUYS.

Project ZERO

20’s is my fav room, been using it for Four months or so now and have made friends with most of the regs there, Hey guys =) Good place to dangle out and have a blast of laughs and good times =P

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