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What Do Boys Think? Five Reasons They Want A Woman Over 50, YourTango

What Do Men Think? 5 Reasons They Want A Woman Over 50, YourTango

Age is more than just a number.

We’ve all seen it in movies, TV, and Hollywood. I’m talking about that sickeningly stereotypical romance inbetween an older gentleman and a junior, ",sexier,", ",more titillating", woman. Supposedly she makes him feel ",youthful again", and he. well, he usually has slew to suggest her, of course, including his bank account!

The truth is that a lot of dudes over 50 have absolutely no interest whatsoever in such a relationship, even if they DO believe the old adage that ",age is just a number.",

Why? Well, women over 50 can actually make better dates, paramours, and playmates on a number of levels.

Number One: They’re lighter to relate to! Yeah, yeah, I know. ",opposites attract", and all that. Well, that’s all pony manure in this case.

There are some similarities that actually DO make relationships more stable and secure. One of those is having similar historical and cultural references. Deep and meaningful conversations about pop culture, the state of the world, and ",the good old days", can be awfully hard to have when your paramour has no idea who half of the people or what any of the events you’re mentioning were or are!

Number Two: They know who they are and what they want. They won’t waste your time with several dates just to feel things out. If they can tell early on that you won’t be able to suit her needs in the long run. This does both of you a favor and lets you budge on to dating someone who is a potentially better match sooner. Furthermore, they don’t have a laundry list of unrealistic expectations. Instead, they’ve had the time to narrow down their list of requirements in love to the things that Truly matter.

Number Three: They’re certain in bed and out. They won’t crank out if their 60-year-old mate needs a certain little blue pill to get things going, they understand the aging process and that Viagra isn’t an insult to their sexual prowess or appeal. This may not be the case with a junior, less experienced woman. Additionally, women over 50 have had slew of time to figure out that yes, yellow indeed does make their skin tone look drab, that yes, blue truly does make their eyes sparkle, and no, that dress with horizontal stripes doesn’t indeed make them look fat. In other words, they know what makes them look and feel good and don’t have to spend so much time seeking constant reassurance about their appearance.

Number Four: They appreciate good company over witty one-liners and wealth-flaunting. They’ve already experienced the latter and know those things don’t imply in any way that a man will make a good mate or be there when he’s truly needed.

Number Five: Older indeed does equal wiser when it comes to love &mdash, in most cases anyways. Women over 50 tend to be aware that relationships are rough stuff and that sometimes they take a lot of hard work. They’re wise enough to know when it’s time to hash things out and when a situation indeed is so irreparable that it’s time to call it quits.

Dudes over 50 won’t usually switch from their beloved cologne or brand of spaghetti sauce just because some other product has shiner, catchier packaging, they’ve had the time to learn that it’s what inwards that counts. Now, that’s not to say that women over 50 can’t be positively HOT, but why should they treat relationships any differently? Generally speaking, older, wiser women have got the goods AND they’ve had the time to indeed figure out how to use them! What more could a man want?

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