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Heaven for a very first timer on Teenage Talk i have met alot of excellent people, and have also made alot of friends Two Atherea I have just embarked and I am already struck!

Heaven for a first timer on Teen Chat i have met alot of great people, and have also made alot of friends 2 Atherea I have just started and I am already impressed!

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This is the best talk site by far and I come on here all the time. I’ve yet to find better talk rooms anywhere!


for a very first timer on Teenage Talk i have met alot of superb people, and have also made alot of friends Two


I have just commenced and I am already struck! It’s safe even with a few milks, but hey! you cant cep them away. I hope I meet some fresh friends. This site is just what i need. Best free talk rooms I’ve found.


i love teenage talk i had found the 1 gurl Four me now ex the site is joy good laugh so people come on and love I’m addicted to this site its fat


This place is awesome. It has switched so much from the last time I was here, but the people you meet is still the same, yet could be better. The diversity of talks you can go to helps keeping things interesting.


I love the teenage talk talk rooms! They’re so cool and you get to meet ppl in your own country. I’ve met a lot of cool ppl here! I love it!


I love this site. I’ve met so many good people and MOST people are good for a talk. <,Three


These talk rooms are awesome to meet fresh people and to make heaps of fresh friends! Who knows the person you might be talking to could be your best friend!

I love teenage talk! It is so much joy and it helps you find fresh people! I’ve met many amazing people off these talk rooms! I’ve told all my friends about it!


Teenchat is awesome.. I mettt Kimmeh and Andre here, and they’re pretty rad. 😀


Teenage Talk is sooo much joy I love meeting fresh people and I love making fresh friends! I’d certainly put teenage talk on my cornflakes! haha =]

I love meeting ppl just as weird and ",original", as me. 🙂 have joy on here


Teenage talk has opened my eyes and i have met so many excellent people in the talk rooms. No matter what u r looking for, teenage talk has it for u.

sup yall this talk site is cool its awesome to meet people from all over. -Dr. Greenthumb-


I love teenage talk! I love to meet ppl and have joy. If you ever want to talk go to blind dates.

Uber awesome talk rooms!! I luv commin on here so i can meet fresh people! luvin it!

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