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Truth or Dare Kiss: How to Dare someone to Kiss you

Playing truth or dare somehow always leads to kissing someone on a dare. If you are playing in a group of people where your crush is, you will probably try to turn this situation in the best way possible for you and dare your crush to kiss you. Someone daring you to kiss him/her will also work well for you. But before jumping right into it, consider a few things first.

Do you really want to accept the dare?

Kissing your crush might be the day you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. But do you want to just kiss him/her or continue your relationship later on? Kissing your crush on a dare will be fun and it may even make him consider you as a possible dating partner. Though, it is more likely that this kiss will be perceived as nothing more but a joke or game. Aslo, having a bunch of people (who also might be your friends) staring at you, might be not the right time for your first kiss.

“Is it okay if I kiss you?”

Yeah, it’s a game. But kissing someone without asking their permission may be considered as a sexual assault. Also, asking your crush how he/she feels about kissing you may tell you a lot about their real feelings towards you.

Keep calm and stay confident

Truth or dare kiss is often unexpected, so you can’t really prepare yourself for what can happen. Though, trying to stay calm and confident while kissing may give you one more point in this dating game.

Work on your kiss

Look into his/her eyes. Place your hand on their neck. Start slowly and go deep. Make this kiss much more than the average kiss. Do it with passion and show all your feelings. Believe us, he/she will never forgive such a kiss.


Show your crush that you enjoyed this kiss. It will also put you both on ease instead of an awkward silence afterward.

Let it go

Don’t overthink it. If your crush will make a move – good for you; if not… Well, for him/her it was just a game. Nevertheless, you have shown what a good kisser you are, so now you have more chances to be noticed.

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